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Wood burner lighting instructions

Step-by-step guide:

What you will need:

How to light a fire correctly in your wood burning stove: 

  1. When lighting a fire, air is your friend. Every wood burner has air vents which should be opened completely before you start. They can then be adjusted once the fire has taken.
  2. At the bottom, you’ll place two logs so they are parallel to each other
  3. Place a firelighter between the logs and put some kindling across the logs. Light a fire.
  4. Place some small logs on the top and place one or two firelighters on the top and light them.
  5. It’s important that air flows through the fire while at the same time the logs are placed so closely together that they’ll “heat” each other up. During the first 5-10 minutes the door should be slightly ajar.
  6. When the flames are bright and the glass is so hot that you can no longer touch it, you can now shut and secure the door of the wood burner. Once the logs are properly alight you can adjust the air vents to half open or less so that your wood burns for longer. You may need to open them again if the fire dies down, or when adding new logs.

Tip: You will notice that ash has been left in the wood burner.  Always leave a layer of ashes of two to three centimetres at the bottom of the wood burning stove. It helps insulate which is important for complete combustion.

If you would like someone to help you light the fire the first time, please feel free to ask and Amy or Julian will be happy to help.

Safety: A fire guard is provided for you safety. We recommend using this if you have small children. It is stored in one of the upstairs cupboards when not in use.  If cleaning out the fire, please use the ash bucket provided and only when the fire is cold.

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