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The Farm

The Farm

Our holiday cottages are surrounded by the working farm.  The farm, is listed in the Doomsday book and consists of 320 acres, 100 arable growing barley and the remaining 220 acres are grazed to supports around 250 beef cattle.  The Elson family have lived on the farm for 5 generations. Gillian and Edward Elson renovated the Barn in 1984 diversifying into tourism. The barn originally housed straw, hay and corn.

The two semi detached cottages you see as you drive into Cargurra Farm, East and West Park, were tide cottages. These were cottages traditionally supplied to farm labourers as a perk of working on the farm. The cottages came with a garden for the tenant to use, this was important as it meant they could live off the land and grow their own produce.

The farm is now worked by Julian Elson along with his wife Amy who looks after the holiday cottages. They have recently had their first child, a daughter and the first female Elson born in 2 generations! They are also expecting their second baby in October 2017.

The guests are free to roam the farm and enjoy the beauty Boscastle has to offer. Maps and recommended walks are available on request.

Sustainability Mission Statement

Sustainability for us has been our family farming the same land for five generations.  Sustainability for the future requires changes, working with our environment, to farm and give you wonderful North Cornwall Holidays for generations to come.

The recent Boscastle flood brought into focus the damage climate change could do, making it very personal, things really need to change.

So we are going to reduce our impact on the environment, recycle and reuse more. We use eco cleaning products in the cottages and a local linen service to help reduce our carbon footprint. We also do as much as we can to preserve this wonderful land through our farming techniques this will help keep it for future generations.

We would like you to help us, together we can make a real difference.

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